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Interconnectivity-Ensuring Better Decisions with Validated Data

connected networksRecently, I began reading a book called Only Humans Need Apply. The book focuses on the next technology revolution “Cognitive Computing”, which encompasses big data, deep learning, neural networks, automation, and AI, and its threat to knowledge workers.

The one point that stuck out in my mind is that all of these technologies are potentially revolutionary, but one of the barriers is that these “smart machines” do not have access to the data they require to fulfill their potential.

This is a struggle in many industries, whether or not they have crossed the threshold into automation and “cognitive computing.” But, is just moving the data from disparate systems enough? I would argue that without knowing the provenance of that data and its origin it would be difficult to be completely confident that the information your “smart machines” were learning from or making decisions about was the right data to start with.

As in the Life Sciences Industry, ADLT™ is the key to bridging these various systems and bringing to your “smart machines” validated and accurate data that can be leveraged for the benefit of the organization and its customers. It can interconnect your internal and external partners in a way that ensures an accurate and unalterable trail of that data. If a problem is determined, the source of that problem can be identified and corrected so better quality data flows from that point forward.

All industries suffer from having data silos and ineffective tools to move and track the provenance of that data. ADLT™ is the solution that will bring the right data to the right resource at the right time. It ensures both data integrity and traceability so your “smart machines” can learn and make the right decisions that will facilitate your organization’s growth and prosperity.

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