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How Can Charities Benefit from BlockRx and the Blockchain?

iSolve is aligning its vision of improving global health and safety by supporting several charities. Every token purchased by you will be matched by 2 tokens from iSolve’s founders and donated to our charity associations.

The BlockRx project creates a decentralized system allowing drug manufacturers to trace pharmaceuticals across the entire supply chain, from manufacturer to patient. Patients participating through the BlockRx patient app will be rewarded with tokens in exchange for the data they provide our trusted industry partners. The BlockRx Token (BKRx) will be the primary means of rewarding trade partners and consumers for utilizing the Blockchain technology.

A BlockRx Token can in turn be employed to offset medication costs through participating partners. The participating partners include manufacturers, wholesalers and dispensaries. Our pharmaceutical industry service partners include highly established entities such as Intel, YourEncore, TechMahindra, Grant Thornton and many more.

What can Blockchain technology do for charities? Organizations and individuals believing in a cause, can make contributions by donating through digital currencies (cryptocurrencies). A great challenge currently faced by charities is the public’s skepticism about the portion of the donations that go towards supporting the charitable mission. Recent polls indicate that trust in charities is at an all-time low. The Blockchain technology offers the transparency to track donations. Whereas, traditional currencies do not offer donors the convenience of traceability. This technology has the potential to gain back the public’s trust in charities because the transparency ensures funds are used as intended. Donors are much more willing to contribute when they know where and how their money is applied.

As for BlockRx, people will enjoy knowing that the tokens are directly applied to enhancing medical care. The BlockRx Token can provide charities and patients a medium of exchange to purchase pharmaceuticals and fund other medical costs. Essentially, patients will be able to fund part of their medical care through the tokens they receive. Charities and children’s hospitals will be able to purchase pharmaceuticals and medical equipment through the BlockRX Token. This will allow hospitals to significantly offset their increasing overhead and administrative costs.

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