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Extension Annoucement

Dear Friends,

We are writing to share with you an important update: we are extending the end date of the BlockRx™ ICO until January 31, 2018. You may wonder why we are making this important change.

The BlockRx Project’s primary goal is to build an inclusive community of a balanced set of individual investors and patients. To achieve this mission, we are making our entire team available to take the time to speak to anyone and everyone – patients, investors, pharmaceutical executives –who have questions or need our help in obtaining an Ethereum ERC20 compatible wallet for BKRx distribution.

In parallel to our one-to-one approach, the underlying game-changing technology of the BlockRx project has drawn tremendous interest from Big Ten and regional mid-size pharmaceutical industry organizations. The BlockRx Project is revolutionary and it is designed to lower the health care costs for everyone. We are committed to ensuring ALL participants benefit equally from the ecosystem; no single individual will have an upper advantage. As a result of the increase in demand and our commitment to the mission of ensuring an equal and inclusive ecosystem, we have extended the end date of the ICO until January 31, 2018.

One of our unique benefits to all our supporters, partners, and enquirers is that we will speak to anyone who reaches out to us. Therefore, if you have any questions with regards to this extension or the project itself, we invite you to please contact us via email (tokensale@blockrx.com) and/or through the BlockRx Telegram group.


All the best,

Gordon Tampol
CEO, BlockRx™


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