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A message from our Director of Pharmaceutical Solutions, Dr. Robert Panetta. The BlockRx Pharma Ecosystem Components: ADLT The BlockRx Pharma Ecosystem is built on three components: the Blockchain, the BlockRx Token, and the Advanced Digital Ledger Technology (ADLT™). The ADLT translates legacy data for the Blockchain, so Pharma can continue using their existing internal systems. It is…

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In life, we are often not rewarded for doing the right thing. The goal of the BlockRx token is to do just that: reward you for doing the right thing. The most important benefit of joining the BlockRx Pharma Ecosystem is to improve your health. This is achieved by assisting with adherence to your treatment…

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Have we wondered why in a world of autonomous vehicles and “smart” everything we have not been able to crack the code on the counterfeit medicine epidemic? Perhaps the world of Pharma has relied too much on policy to combat the problem; instead, we – consumers, patients, and technologists – need to look to technology…

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