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ADLT™ Presentation and Demo – Supporting Pharma with the Blockchain

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In an effort to support the Pharma community, iSolve has developed a presentation and demo to help Pharma Manufacturers, Wholesalers, API Providers and Retailers, understand the concepts of the Blockchain and understand how the Blockchain and ADLT™ can support their business initiatives. Our presentation and demo provides a visual understanding of how our ADLT™ solution can provide the visibility, traceability and provenance Pharma has been seeking for a long time.

Whether your focus is the Drug Supply Chain, Regulatory or Clinical Trials Management, our demo will help illustrate exactly how ADLT™ and Blockchain can innovate the current process and provide security, transparency and efficiency. ADLT™ provides a Secure and Distributed solution, that integrates with legacy systems and allows information to be controlled and passed to Trusted Participants bilaterally for Product Traceability. ADLT™ provides:

  • Product Verification
  • Global Track & Trace
  • Improved Product and Inventory Management
  • Secure, Auditable, and Transparent Process
  • Sustainable Supply Chain

If you or any of your colleagues are interested in receiving information about ADLT™ or the Blockchain for Pharma or if you are interested in viewing our presentation and demo, contact us at info@isolve.io. Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.

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